"Before meeting David Danzig, I'd tried several therapists, and was tired of feeling like a textbook case.  Someone I knew gave me David's number and said, "just call him, he's different and he may be able to help you."  Thanks to David's wide range of expertise, unique ability to treat me as an individual, and his genuine compassion, I am more balanced, more focused, and more confident." - S.F, 56-year-old woman  

"David's years of experience as a family therapist has helped my husband and I get through the toughest hurdles of raising our young family.  His supportive and nonjudgmental coaching have taught us how to better communicate and work as a team.  My kids love him because he's treats them with the respect they deserve, he's approachable, and he lets them play." - B.L., 36-year-old-man

"From the moment David started to work with us, he had a positive impact. He not only understands young people and their needs, he is invaluable in helping schools come up with creative solutions to meet students' educational needs." - Director of Special Education