Love & Marriage

I believe marriage is sacred and I can help get you the love you want

  • Is poor communication a problem?
  • Do you fight constantly and no longer have a fulfilling sex life?
  • Do your relationship difficulties affect other parts of your life?

Healthy relationships require time, effort, patience and understanding— qualities often in short supply in our stress-filled, fast-paced lives.  Great relationships are even harder to maintain if we grew up in dysfunctional families:  all our baggage gets unpacked at home. All of our pain, expectations, hurts and disappointments get magnified in the context of an intimate relationship.


  • Give and receive support
  • Develop greater acceptance and appreciation of yourself and your partner
  • Heal and forgive past hurts and resentments
  • Communicate better
  • Restore and renew healthy sexual relations

Therapy is a sacred space and a time to heal sacred relationships such as marriage. For most of us, our wedding was a time for our vows to be witnessed before God. Being in a lifelong, committed relationship is one of the most rewarding, challenging, perplexing and at times painful endeavors in our lives. 

I can help you create the intimate relationship you deserve and desire.

Sometimes marriages need to end and I can help you do that in as loving a way as possible for you and your children.