Parenting coaching

Parenting isn't easy and the older your children get, the harder it is to talk about what’s going on in their lives.   

Individual therapy

People come to therapy for many different reasons— trauma, depression, anxiety, stress, relationship problems and more. I help them clear away the obstacles that are keeping happiness out of reach.

Love & marriage

Living with someone is not easy, but things can get better.

Energy healing

Do you suffer from fears, phobias, anxiety, depression or a dysfunctional family history? Energy healing works with your and your loved ones’ energy to obtain a healthier body, sharper mind and more joyful spirit. 

"David always treats me like a person, not as a teenager with problems. I’m starting to respect myself more and that feels good."

- J.K., 15

"I did not want to get divorced. David was a man my husband could relate to. He helped us stay together not just for our children, but for each other. I can't thank him enough!"

- P.N., 45

"I can't think of anyone more effective in working with young people than David Danzig. He has a wonderful ability to get them to both confront and share their feelings. Kids not only like David, they trust him."

- William Kantar, M.D. Lecturer in Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School Associate Professor, Tufts Medical School