Individual Therapy

Tapping your inner resources to be your true, radiant, natural self

  • Are you anxious and/or depressed, having difficulty sleeping, suffering panic attacks?
  • Are you looking to heal from a traumatic event, abuse, a loss?
  • Do you suffer from drug and/or alcohol abuse? 

It is my job to create a safe non-judgmental environment where clients can be completely honest about themselves and their lives. It is a place of understanding, knowledge, wisdom, warmth and humor. 

I do not treat diagnosis, I help people. My approach is non-pathologizing. I believe we all have the inner resources to live healthy lives. Problems arise when we are constrained from using our innate strengths by life experience and conflictual relationships with ourselves and others. 


  • Tap your inner resources to live happier and healthier
  • Heal past hurts
  • Change dysfunctional patterns and learn new coping skills 

The goal of therapy is transformation:  more creativity, increased energy, better judgments about relationships and a greater love and appreciation of yourself.